Another year of celebrating science in the city: Glasgow, naturally

The dust has settled.  The owls have returned to Hogwarts.  Our wrap party hangovers have (almost) subsided. And the science-themed cakes have long been consumed.

Glasgow Science Festival is finished for another year and it’s time to reflect on what was a fantastic eleven days of science in the city.

This year was our biggest yet.  By day, school children from all over Glasgow enjoyed free hands-on science activities, from genetics to engineering.  By night, pubs, cafes, lecture halls and museums played host to cinema screenings, whisky tastings, science shows, comedy, art classes and grrrr arrggh zombies!



Katie enjoying The Big Science Pub Quiz

Katie enjoying The Big Science Pub Quiz


Simon Watt asking ‘Why We Die’


Helen Arney, ‘Voice of an Angle’

The festival team would like to thank everybody for their support in making this year our best yet!

Did you attend an event?  We’d really appreciate your feedback to help make 2014 even better!  You can fill out our evaluation form here.

Until next time…


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