2014…. Ready to Launch!

After months of planning, the Glasgow Science Festival 2014 programme has arrived! programmes As Commonwealth-fever grips the city, Glasgow Science Festival is set to bring its exciting mix of science and innovative events to its biggest ever audience. From 5-15th June, explore the frontiers of research through live comedy, film, exhibitions and hands-on activities.

This year’s programme is packed with free summer fun for all ages, from the hugely popular “Science Sunday” at the University of Glasgow to a veritable feast of science-themed activities in Glasgow’s best-loved Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Guided walks through the Glasgow Necropolis, Cathedral and George Square will open your eyes to the revolutionary advancements in engineering pioneered right here in the city. Book your free Geek Walk or Science on the Streets tour today. Kelvin-Grove Eat, drink and be merry in the name of science! Discover the chemistry behind your favourite beers, whiskies, coffees and cocktails through the festival’s delectable “Tasty Science” events. There’s even an event to help soothe that sair heid the morning after– join scientists for a Bloody Mary and full cooked breakfast at the “Hangover Hypothesis”, with partners Edinburgh International Science Festival. Award-winning restaurant Stravaigin will host a special Mystery Menu Dinner Party: can you guess what you’re eating, before the results of live DNA tests? Whisky2 While the nation’s sportsmen and women gear up for the Games, we’ll be uncovering the science of sport through public debates (“Is elite sport good for you?”) and exploring the limits of “animal athletes (“if Usain Bolt was an animal, which would he be?”). Weights Laugh and learn! Don’t miss Simon Watt (of Channel 4’s ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’) as he brings the Ugly Animal Preservation Society to Glasgow for the first time. For second and third helpings of clever comedy, head to Bright Club or A Splash of Cabaret where a cacophony of comedic scientists will stand up for your entertainment and enlightenment.

Dun dun. Dun dun. Dundundundundundun!  This year we’ve teamed up with the British Ecological Society and the Glasgow Film Theatre for a special screening of “Jaws“. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with marine biologists to delve further into the science of the deep. For the first time, we’re bringing science to offKILTR’s Street Feastival at the Glasgow Mela in Kelvingrove Park and KIDSTIVAL at The Briggait, with shiny new social media partners KILTR! Keep an eye on our website for some exciting competitions and festival gossip. Glasgow-Tree This is just a flavour of what’s in store this June. For full programme listings, please see our website.  Glasgow’s is game for science – and with the Duke of Wellington’s party hat firmly in place, it’s sure to be a memorable summer!


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