Undead Science

One of the first events to kick off Glasgow Science Festival this year is “Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead“, an entertaining and enlightening exploration of everyones’ favourite brain-guzzlers.  Zombie boffin Doctor Austin took some time out of his research at the Institute for Theoretical Studies to have a chat with us.

Doctor Austin, Head Theoretical Zombiologist

Doctor Austin, Head Theoretical Zombiologist

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Doctor Austin and I am Theoretical Zombiologist at the University of Glasgow and Head of the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies.

What brings you to Glasgow Science Festival this year?

Being based in Glasgow we always enjoy lecturing for a home crowd and are privileged to be part of the Glasgow Science Festival.

With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner, Glasgow is gearing up to welcome the world. What’s your top tip for visitors?

My top tip for visitors to Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games is to keep in mind that not everyone running toward you in a track suit is an athlete.

Favourite Scottish food and drink?

My favourite Scottish food is the Aberdeen roll, or buttery. I ate this for breakfast every day when I grew up there. My favourite Scottish drink is Irn-Bru, because as a scientist I’m stunned by how this drink evades any description of its flavour. Think about it, what does Irn-Bru taste like?

Impress us with your favourite science fact. Or joke.

The best science related joke I’ve heard recently is, ‘if the Silver Surfer teamed up with Iron Man, they would be alloys.’

Catch Austin’s “Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead” show at The Admiral Bar on Waterloo Street on 5th June at 8pm. Tickets available online.



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