Comedy is a fantastic way to laugh and learn about science – and this year’s Glasgow Science Festival offers ample opportunity to do just that! We chatted to stand up comedian and self-confessed geek Eleanor Morton, who’s bringing funny to the festival on Sunday 8th June.


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Eleanor Morton and I do stand-up comedy. I’m also just finishing an undergrad degree in Scottish and English Literature.

What brings you to Glasgow Science Festival this year?

This cool stand up event about conservation. My dad actually works in conservation, so I feel its a duty as well as a privilege to talk about it.

With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner, Glasgow is gearing up to welcome the world. What’s your top tip for visitors?

Go to Glasgow Zoo and see Nessie. Personally I think it’s terrible that she is now in captivity, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see her.

Favourite Scottish food and drink?

Favourite drink is Irn Bru. If it was a solid it would also be my favourite food. Nectar of the gods.

Impress us with your favourite science fact. Or joke.

Apparently crickets hear with their knees. I don’t know how they use headphones. It must make jogging very uncomfortable.

Eleanor will be performing at the Ugly Animal Preservation Society on Sunday 8th June at The Stand. Tickets and full festival listings are available on our website.


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