Science, a Swally and How to Cure that Sair Heid

Drinking this Friday night? Bring your hangover to the “Hangover Hypothesis” on Saturday afternoon and discover how science can curb the cocktail-flu! Dr Angus Bancroft from the University of Edinburgh will be sharing some peer-reviewed tips.


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh.

What brings you to Glasgow Science Festival this year?

Ali Floyd asked me to talk about drinking rituals at The Hangover Hypothesis.  It’s a great way of learning about chemistry, biology, psychology and sociology, and of helping those most in need of it.

With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner, Glasgow is gearing up to welcome the world. What’s your top tip for visitors?

Glasgow has a unique sense of humour – surreal and wry at the same time – for an example of that see the statue of Sheriff Lobey Dosser on Woodlands Road.

Favourite Scottish food and drink?

Food – A white pudding supper, eaten with your fingers when walking home from the pub with your friends. You will need to go to Edinburgh to get it in the proper style with salt’n’sauce though.

Drink – Moray Cup – mainly found around Banffshire. Very happy memories of staying at my Granny and Grandad’s in Cullen.

Impress us with your favourite science fact. Or joke.

During the 1950s and 60s LSD was explored as a – quite effective – treatment for alcoholism.

Join Angus and friends from the Edinburgh International Science Festival at the “Hangover Hypothesis” in DRAM! at 2pm on Saturday 7th June. Tickets include a full cooked breakfast (veggie options available) plus a Bloody Mary cocktail. Book online.


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