Glasgow Science Festival: Day 2

It’s Day 2 of Glasgow Science Festival. Brush off your whisky or zombie-induced hangover and get ready for some more science-y fun!


Enjoying some tasty science at “Malts to Molecules” in The Corinthian last night

Art collides with science in The Lighthouse today at the Images of Research exhibition. Enjoy compelling images from the world of research from 10.30am-5pm. You can also book in for the exhibition awards ceremony and reception, tonight at 5.30pm. Book online at


From 12-4pm Glasgow Caledonian University host their Research Celebration, with public talks, interactive displays and an array of activities to showcase cutting-edge research in health, engineering and business.

Later on, Drs Amanda Lucas and Lewis Dean will be asking “What makes us human?” and tracing our fascinating evolutionary journey. Join us in the University of Glasgow’s Zoology building from 6-7pm.


Finally, our sold out “Know Your Whisky” event in DRAM! will explore the science of your favourite malts.

And then it’s time for the weekend! Ooft!


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