Glasgow Science Festival: Space for Art

It’s just five weeks until Glasgow Science Festival 2016 takes over the city! Ahead of the festival, we’re shedding a light on some of the faces behind our events. Our first interview is with the University of Strathclyde’s space enthusiast Peter McGinty.

Pete stargazing 2

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Peter McGinty, Network Manager for the Stardust Network and Outreach co-ordinator of the Strathclyde Aerospace Centre for Excellence (ACE).

2. What brings you to Glasgow Science Festival this year?

This is my third year participating. As always, the fantastic array of events and activities are what make me love GSF and keep me coming back.

As before I come peddling space knowledge:

Space for Art is an exhibition inspired by the research being carried out by the Strathclyde Space Institute. Featuring beautiful abstract artwork, stunning photos of our galaxy taken from right here on earth and fabulous digital animations and interactive tablet apps. This exhibition is aimed at engaging more people with space science and encouraging more people to take STEM subjects at a higher education level and beyond. Because we need more space scientists and students. We’ll be at the Glasgow Science Centre from 12-19th June.

3. 2016 is Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. What innovation could you not live without?

The super-secret giant space laser which saves earth from killer asteroids with a frequency that would boggle your mind.

Also bicycles.

4. It’s Glasgow Science Festival’s 10th birthday! We’ll be celebrating with some science-themed cake and balloons. What’s your birthday treat of choice?

Why how kind of you to offer – I’m rather partial to lemon drizzle cake. And my favourite balloon would be of the helium variety (and actually the final day of the exhibition is my birthday too, so… you know… don’t disappoint me!).

5. And finally: impress us with your favourite science fact or joke.

What did the asteroid say to the shooting star? Get ready to meteor maker.

Space for Art is on at Glasgow Science Centre from 12-19 June. For more information, visit the website.


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