Simon Watt: Level Up Human

Simon Watt is back at Glasgow Science Festival this year for a special live recording of his new podcast, ‘Level Up Human’. We had a catch up on the blog…


Simon Watt talking science (Image by Ed Moore)

Who are you and what do you do?

Simon Watt.

I am a biologist and science presenter

What brings you to Glasgow Science Festival this year?

We are recording episodes of my new podcast series Level Up Human.

We are asking scientists and comedians, philosophers and medics to help us put together a design spec for the next stage of our human evolution.  Come and get involved.  We are keen to hear our audiences suggestions.  What would you put on evolution’s to-do list?  We are in the process of touring the country and as well as Glasgow will be going to Dublin, Winchester and a ton of music festivals including Glastonbury, Greenman, Latitude and Wilderness over the summer.

You can download episodes directly from our website or from Soundcloud, iTunes and all the other usual places.

2016 is Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. What innovation could you not live without?

Surely soap is humankind’s greatest invention.  But as a podcaster the internet is vital to me.

Personally I think that wikipedia is our greatest achievement.  Information freely disseminated and edited.  The ambition is truly beautiful and it is pretty much what the brilliant Douglas Adams predicted with his Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

It’s Glasgow Science Festival’s 10thbirthday! We’ll be celebrating with some science-themed cake and balloons. What’s your birthday treat of choice?

Hmmm as I will be in Glasgow for it I would go for a gelato from one of the many excellent outlets on Byres Road and a trip to my favourite book shop on the planet, Voltaire and Rousseau.

 And finally: impress us with your favourite science fact or joke.

Our guests on the show tell me amazing facts all the time.  The one that has most impressed me lately is that because of the movement of our eyes we are all functionally blind for about 15% of the time.

Catch Simon for the live Glasgow recording of ‘Level Up Human’ on Wednesday 15 June from 19:00-21:00. Free but ticketed, book online.



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