Five minutes with… Brynley Pearlstone

Brynley Pearlstone is a PhD student in the University of Glasgow’s Institute for Gravitational Research. Last year, he shared his experiences of chasing gravitational waves with the ‘Chasing the Waves’ team, and also took part in Q&A sessions with hundreds of school children. Today he stopped for a chat with the GSF blog!


I am Brynley Pearlstone, and I am a Ph.D student, researching ways to analyse data from the LIGO experiment, in order to find very weak but longer lasting gravitational waves from rapidly rotating neutron stars.

2. How long have you been researching gravitational waves?

About 2 and a half years now

3. What’s the best bit about being a scientist?  And the worst bit?

The best bit about being a scientist? Well, there are a few. The people you meet, the hands you shake, and the scientists you work with are great people, often with closely shared interests, quick thinkers, and good chat. And you get to meet these people from all over the world as well!

The worst part is probably when you’re telling somebody else that you’re a research student, some of the responses are “Oh, so you’re still at school?” with a little laugh. That isn’t great.

4. How were you involved with ‘Chasing the Waves?’

When the team behind Chasing the Waves was getting going, I was asked to have a chat with them about some time that I had spent at one of the LIGO sites. I sat in front of an iPad as it recorded me, and chatted with some of the people involved.

5. What did you think of the show?

I really enjoyed the show! Some of the in-jokes were great, particularly the “Stock Response” skit. My experience of being at the site rang true in parts of how the show portrayed it.

6. Tell us your favourite science joke or fact.



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