Glasgow Science Festival: Exploring Engineering

At this year’s Glasgow Science Festival, we are delighted to welcome a new event from the University of the West of Scotland that will engage the next generation of engineers with cutting-edge research. We chatted to the project lead, Patricia Muñoz-Escalona.


1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Patricia Muñoz-Escalona, I am a Materials Engineer with a PhD In manufacturing engineering. I am a lecturer in the University of The West of Scotland and I teach students materials properties, product design, and manufacturing processes. How to select the right material for the right job!

2. What brings you to Glasgow Science Festival this year?

This year the University of the West of Scotland will be hosting the Glasgow Science Festival. We want to share with pupils are knowledge in STEM areas. We want everyone attending the event to enjoy a day full of knowledge, while they learn about the research we conduct here in UWS.

3. Why should we come to your event?

We have prepared a variety of workshops from engineering, computing , science and technology. We’ll have a good overview of the latest technologies that have been developed/applied. Pupils can enjoy the beauty of learning and expanding our knowledge. Attendance at our workshop could be the start of what pupils want to do or be in the future.

4. This year’s festival theme is ‘Glasgow Explores’. Where would you like to explore?

I would like to explore in gravitational waves. Move from wave to wave to see the beauty of the Universe, what is missing and what I can do to make it better!

5. What’s the best thing about being a scientist or engineer?

As a scientist or as an engineer you are always trying to improve people’s lives. You research for this purpose!. You learn and improve every day. You share and transfer knowledge. I enjoy doing STEM outreach activities to primary school students. Young people have loads of creativity and there is loads that I can learn from them.

There are still some places for ‘Engineering & Computing in the 21st Century’ on 14 June. Tickets are free but for SCHOOLS ONLY, S4-S6. For booking and details, visit the website.


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